4 Myths about Creativity

Creativity is defined as the inherent qualities of mind to generate or know about ideas, options, or probabilities and possibilities that are related to any field of work or study and is used in solving problems resulting in useful and unique outcomes, communicating with others, effective conveyance of idea and much more. Creativity defines an individual’s uniqueness of conveying certain ideas which are different than the usual ways of solving problems or creating certain new outcomes. Creativity is also often used for the entertainment of self or others. For instance, a person might use his/her creativity as an artist, or as a personal area of interest or it can also be a source of income, or his/her art can be a source of public entertainment.

Creativity is a factor that can also involve an individual’s growth and development. The more a person is creative, the more likely the person is intended to be better in any field. As quoted;

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”

-Albert Einstein

People tend to have misconceptions regarding the two terms respectively, creative and artistic. These terms are often used in place of one another, but both have different meanings. A person can be artistic and creative, but to be creative one need not be an artist. A person can be creative in any field irrespectively compared to any art form. Usually, there are many myths about being creative; four of which are discussed in this article.

1. A person is either born creative or not.

Creativity by birth can be a complete myth. Some people believe that creativity is what a person receives after birth or a person is born creative. This can be a true misconception. A person can be creative at any point in time just by working hard enough towards their passion, or at something that a person is good at. Creativity cannot be measured in quantity nor it is tangible. Creativity is simply a person’s inspiration towards achieving certain accomplishments or goals in life. Some people are creative naturally due to their creative gut instincts or one can say some people are born creative. But it is not necessary that a person needs to be born creative then and then only he/she is considered creative. A person can gain creativity by hard work, elaborated thinking capacities, and the desire or ideas to do things differently.

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2. Creativity tends to be a solitary activity.

“Creativity tends to be a solitary activity”, this sentence can be a misconception to many people. Creativity can be a solitary activity to some people, but not necessarily all. People can gain creativity by spending some quality time with a certain group of friends, a colleague, or even a close family member. Anyone can gain creativity by meeting someone totally unknown, or even from any unexpected person. Thus “Creativity tends to be a solitary activity”, can be a myth which many people are blinded by just by other people’s opinions.

3. Creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea is totally a wrong prediction. Everyone needs to be creative for their irrespective field of work. Creativity is not limited to art fields or a work field where you need to be imaginative. Some people believe that one needs to be creative in only a traditional work environment, or while running a business related to art or any business. But unlikely everyone needs to be creative for any job, services, or business in their own particular way to survive the changing world economic market to survive a job, to retain a business, or just simply earn. Even in corporate offices, people believe that only the advertising department needs to be creative, but in fact, all people in all different departments need to be creative to retain their job.

4. Creativity can only be gained in the correct or feasible conditions.

Creativity can only be gained in the correct or feasible conditions, is a complete misconception or a myth. Creativity does not require any special condition or environment. Yes! that is true that a person can bloom to their fullest potential if provided with the right and fair environment. People indeed unleash their hidden creative side in difficult times or situations, but a person can be creative in any conditions not necessarily under pressure or so. People usually believe that original or creative ideas only come from creative freedom and unlimited resources. But this is not completely true! Sometimes constraints can help in finding new and unique ways to solve problems thus unleashing the different or creative side of a person. Many people believe that creativity only belongs to the arts and are unable to recognize or discover their “creative aspect” or do not consider themselves as a creative type of person.

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Thus the above-mentioned points can be certain myths or misconceptions that people tend to have about being creative. A person can be creative by very few simple and realistic changes which are stated below :

  • Trying to change work place, or work enviroment, or altogether the field of work.
  • Filling the workspace with inspirational creative boost like, furniture that is funky, quotes that provide inspiration in hard times or even paintings or wall papers that are inspration drivn. An intriguing workspace can boost the creativity quotient in a person.
  • A healthy lifestyle allows a person to live freely without many constraints healthwise thus providing freedom to explore and be creative.

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