As Teen Stress increases, Teachers look for Answers!

Teens or Teenagers have a tendency to get stressed under difficult situations in school, or at home, due to any argument with friends, unable to study properly, unable to achieve desired results or get good grades, and much more. Thus teens experience more stress due to their age, immaturity, wrong atmosphere, toxic classmates, bullying, overload or overburden regarding studies, and any kind of difficulty regarding the school. When teens face stress or are under any stressful conditions they tend to change their habits, their body changes, they face mental health issues, physical health issues, mental health disorders, and much more.

What are the signs of Teen stress?

Stress can be taken into account differently for every student. There are many signs of teen stress among which a few are visible in their everyday behavior. A few signs of stress which are stated to be commonly faced by most teenagers are discussed below :

  • Regular Headaches
  • Troubles regarding sleep or Insomnia
  • Irritabilty
  • Feeling Emotionally drained
  • Feeling overwhelmed with studies
  • Unfriendly or rude behavior with family members, fellow students, teachers, and mentors
  • Change in Appetite
  • Anger burst outs
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Frequent health issues
  • Change in social habits
  • Social awkwardness
  • Procrastinating and avoiding responsibilities
  • Having nervous breakdowns, biting nails, clenching jaws, pacing out, having panic attacks or chronic sress attacks
  • Unable to think straight
  • Having ill thoughts like ending life, dropping out of school, running away, and many more.

What can be the possible reasons for Teen Stress?

There are many possible reasons that a teen may be feeling stressed, due to which the teen is unable to perform well academically, feels lost, has become introverted or socially awkward, and much more. A few such possible reasons are discussed below :

1. Increasing Pressures

Study pressures, school pressures, societal pressures, family pressures, and many more kinds of pressures can lead to teen stress. For instance, a teen starts to feel pressured when the teen feels that the parents are unable to understand them, or the parents are forcing them for getting good grades constantly, friends are mocking them for their looks, friends are mocking them for their poor performance in the school or when the society treats them differently for having different thoughts or poor social skills or when the teen feels academically pressured from the school and many more such pressures.

2. Family issues

Teen stress can be a common outcome of family issues. Economic deficiency, toxic parenting, a divorce between parents, lack of means for studying, or any kind of family issues can lead to stress for teenagers. Heartbreaks can also lead to stress among teens.

3. Unsafe Environment

An unsafe environment with violence, toxic behavior of peers, fellow mates, toxic behavior of parents, violent neighborhood, any traumatic experience, bullying in the school, discrimination, poverty, community biases, or community violence.

4. Traumatic Past or Childhood

Trauma or repeated traumatic experiences can lead to a stressed teen. Trauma can put the brain on high alert for the next threat, which is known as hypervigilance. Hypervigilance leads to anger, overreaction to simple events, self-doubt, lack of trust, stress, burnout, and much more. The best example to understand this is the coronavirus pandemic, for some kids it was just a new experience that was acceptable, but for some kids, it was traumatic because of the study from home and almost feeling like bondage at home thus creating or it being a stressful experience for them.

Who can help stressed teens?

Teachers, parents, peers, or any trustworthy adult can help a stressed teen. Teachers play an important role in molding such a stressed child into a stress-free student. A child spends the one-thirds amount of the time of the day at school and two-thirds at home. Thus a child incorporates everything that is taught at school or anything he/she faces at school into the home and vice versa. To craft a child’s stress-free personality for their complete and positive growth and development, the two crafters respectively the parents and the teachers must ensure to create such conditions for the child. As there is a gradual increase in stressed teens nowadays, Teachers are looking for answers to solve teen stress issues. Teenagers are the shapers of the country’s future, thus teen stress has become an important issue among the teaching community.

Ways to help stressed teenagers by the teachers

1. Offering Positive Reinforcement or Counseling

Positive Reinforcement is always the best behavioral trick or tactic to deal with teens; especially while the teens are facing stressful life. Instead of picking up on negative points like the child’s argument, anger issues, or any kind of negative behavior, a child’s or a student’s positive point should be appreciated first and then a teacher or a parent should point out the negative ones. Pointing out something positive and appreciating the child or the student and providing a helpful counseling session helps them in boosting their confidence, positive energy, and overall behavior which leads to a reduction in stress.

2. Understanding the needs of Teens

Understanding the need of individual students and treating them likely can help students be stress-free. Addressing and creating teaching strategies, study techniques, a not-so-tough to understand sessions for all kinds of learners like auditory learners, visual learners, and kinesthetic learners is the most important strategy for making studies easy for teenagers. Thus easy study techniques can lead to fun study sessions which reduces stress among teens.

3. Helping out stressed Teens in every possible way

Helping out stressed Teens in every possible way can help the teenager to become stress-free. Having a friendly conversation with teens, listening to their problems, or helping to find solutions can help the teenagers in reducing stress, protecting the teen from severe problems, reaching out to teens while they are facing any kind of issues can help a lot with the stressed teens.

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