Asheboro High School

Asheboro High School is an integral part of Asheboro City Schools which was established in 1905. It is located right in the heart of North Carolina. Asheboro High School is a public high school in the Asheboro City School system which holds good importance in the core of the state of North Carolina. Asheboro City Schools is a community school that is large enough to offer students excellent academic opportunities while for teachers it is a perfect-sized organization, which provides them with varied teaching opportunities. Asheboro City Schools provide educational facilities for students at different academic levels. There are five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school, a total of 8 educational campuses within the Asheboro City School system.

What district is Asheboro NC in?

Asheboro NC is located in the north-central portion of the state of North Carolina’s 6th congressional district.

How many schools are in Asheboro NC?

Asheboro City School system can facilitate around a total of 4500 students at their 8 school campuses. Asheboro City School system is an excellent place for students, where a student is able to learn about the global communities and activities and this school prepares a student to be globally competitive before entering the college world. Students are taught about global challenges, different career opportunities, and how to be a better citizen.

Asheboro School Staff and Curriculum

Asheboro City School systems have a dedicated team that is responsible for assisting teachers in developing curriculum and providing them with instructions on how to teach students in a better manner and how students can understand better with the use of various techniques. The teaching staff is well acknowledged with the various knowledge areas and also ensures all the students are prepared to face challenges for their upcoming life stage. The curriculum for this school system is very well designed and is dedicated to students for their development at each and every grade.

Asheboro City School systems tend to follow four principles that are student-guided.

  • The first of which is what exactly should be taught to the students and what the school system wants the students to learn, understand and perform.
  • Different instructional strategies, that students would require as their advancing academic grade, and especially during the high school stage.
  • The system or ways through which the school system is aware of a student’s performance at the academic level and the retainment of knowledge which is parted to them at the school.
  • The ways and methods to teach the students who are unable to learn at the same pace or are unable to understand the knowledge which is taught.

Asheboro School Daily Schedule

Time Activities
7:20 amSchool Day begins
7:25 amThe School campus is ready for students to enter
7:45 amInstructional days or classes start after an assembly or prayers
10:50 amLunchtime begins (Lunchtime is different for various academic grades)
12:50 pmLunch break ends (Lunchtime that is staggered)
2:35 pm Students are Dismissed
3:20 pmStaff day ends

Asheboro High School Sports Activities

Asheboro High School is majorly active in sports activities like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and many more. Both Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams have won many championships. Asheboro Blue Comets Varsity Boys Football team has also participated in many inter-school tournaments and has also won championships. Asheboro High School’s mascot is the Blue Comet.

More about Asheboro High School

Asheboro High School is ranked 214th within North Carolina. The Advanced Placement or AP participation rate at Asheboro High is around 40 to 43%. The total minority enrollment rate is around 67%, out of which 64% of students are economically disadvantaged. Asheboro High is the one and only High School in the Asheboro City School system.

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