Average Consumption of Electric Car kWh Per Mile (& Tips for Reducing Consumption)

If a person buys an electric car, they want to know all the expenditures from buying the car to the electrical charges to be given after purchasing the car to charge the electric vehicle. This article will inform you about the consumption of electric cars kWh per mile.

Average consumption of electric car kWh per mile:

After covering the distance of 100 miles the average of the electric car kWh per mile is 34.6. Therefore it means that an average electric car consumes about 34.6 kWh to travel a hundred miles and for traveling 1 mile it consumes about 0.346 kWh. 

It can be described by making the difference between the best kWh per mile of the best electric car and the worst electric car. 

Which Electric car has the best kWh per mile?

A car having the best average consumption of kWh per mine is the Tesla Model 3 which does consume around 24 kWh per 100 mi or can also be described as 0.24 kWh per mile. The Tesla Model 3 annual fuel cost to run an electric car which has the best kWh per mile is $250. And if the comparison is done with the gas-fueled car owner and the Tesla Model 3 owner they approximately share around $3750 over 5 years in fuel cost. And this is calculated according to the distance traveled by car per year.

Which Electric car has the worst kWh per mile?

A car having the worst kWh per mile is the Ford Explorer USPS electric car which is considered the least efficient electric car when we compare it to the kWh per mile. Ford Explorer USPS electric car consumes the annual fuel cost to run and run the electric car which is the worst kWh per mile is $1700. And when the comparison is done between the average modern car and the electric car with high kWh per it costs more. That is around $2500 moreover 5 years.

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What is the Cost to run an average electric car? 

The cost spent on running an average electric car is approximately $650 which saves around $2750 over 5 years when it is compared to the cost to run an average modern gas-fuel car. When a car traveled an average distance of 13 476 miles the average cost to charge the electric car for one year is up to $606.15.

What are the tips for reducing the consumption of an electric car ( ways to boost the electric vehicle’s range)? 

When a driver drives an electric car they do look at the average consumption of an electric car covering the miles and also they want that the vehicle range does extend the distance. The following are some ways by which it can reduce the consumption of electric cars. And help in boosting the electric vehicle range. 

  • Drive smoothly. 
  • Watch the speed. 
  • Maximize the re-gen. 
  • Turn off/down climate control and heating. 
  • More efficient route. 
  • Tyre pressure
  • Battery management
  • External temperature
  • Wheel size affects range.

    Drive smoothly:

    They enjoy driving the car the fastest, but by minimizing the isolation it will consume less energy and it will help you to reduce the consumption and increase the range of an electric car.

    Watch the speed:

    If a comparison is done between a petrol or diesel car and  An electric car here efficiency and speed work differently and a person driving an electric car fast then it will consume more energy, on the other hand, if a petrol or diesel car runs the engine on the optimal speed it will be more efficient. 

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    Maximize the re-gen:

    When a person drives the car at high speed and do often apply brake after brake and this will consume more energy so they should make sure that regenerative braking is on and they should write the car at the mean speed so that when the car needs to slow down the doors need the brake to slow it. 

    Turn off / down climate control and heating:

    When it is not necessary they should not use climate control and heating as it will consume more energy and schedule city average consumption so if the temperature is low the person should wear extra clothes and if the temperature is high open the window of the car. 

    More efficient route:

    If the driver has the option of choosing the route for traveling between a direct route and a road that is in an incline position so always choose the road that will minimize the power requirement. avoiding the route that is like climbing a hill will improve the range of the electric vehicle. 

    Tyre pressure:

    Always do check the tyre pressure so that it does not reduce unnecessary resistance which will decrease the efficiency and the range of an electric car.

    Battery management:

    Check the battery always and if the battery management is good it will automatically help in holding more energy and traveling more distance per mile. if the battery is in better condition to have a longer range cover on a single charge.


    From the above article, it will be clear about the average consumption of an electric car kWh per mile and all the tips on how a person can reduce the consumption of energy by an electric car also the external temperature does affect the battery consumption. If the person is driving an electric car in cold weather or in very hot weather then it does provide the worst range. So in that condition set of the car when the temperature is close 20 degree Celsius, it will help in improving the range of an electric vehicle. 

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    1. What is the good mile per kWh?

    Ans. The good mile of the electric car on average is considered 2.9 miles per kWh.

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