Box Fan Wattage Consumption Revealed (& Most Efficient Box Fan)

Many people do bring box fans into their home as it is considered to be the most efficient appliance to cool the room but when a person goes to buy a box fan they always want to know how efficient the box fan is and which is the most efficient. This article will guide about the box fan wattage consumption and which is the most efficient box fan. 

Box Fan Wattage Consumption Revealed:

The weightage consumption of a box van is different according to the type of the box fan on average uses 73 watts of electricity when it is used at full speed, a box fan that is smaller than the usual size the box fan uses 27 watts of electricity, and a box fan which is 20 inches consume approximately 86.5 watts.

How Many Watts Does A Box Fan Use?

The weightage consumption of box fans is different in different fans. If you have a larger box and it is operated at full speed then it will consume more electricity than the smaller fans. The usual size of a box fan consumes approximately 73 Watts when it is run at full speed and it will drop on average to 47.3 watts when it is run at the lowest speed and 59.5 Watts when it is run at the medium speed. The box fan having the least recorded speed which is done by research is 100 watts and 220 watts is the highest recorded wattage of the box fan. The box fan uses approximately 64.84% of the power rating when it is used at the lowest speed and when it is used at the medium speed setting it consumes 81.43% of the power rating.

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The following are some different watts of consumption used by different types of box fans:

  • A 20-inch box fan.
  • A small box fan.

A 20-inch box fan:

When a box fan of 20 inches is used at the full speed it uses approximately 86.5 watts. On average calculation the box pan went is used at the lowest speed it consumes 56 watts and when a 20-inch box fan is used at the medium speed it consumes 70.5 watts. After research, the lowest recorded wattage of the genesis 20-inch box fan was 53 Watts and the highest wattage recorded was 220 watts. 

A small box fan:

On average a small box fan uses 27 Watts. And the lowest recorded weightage used by the small box Ban is 5 Watts and the highest recorded wattage used by the small box Pan is 45 watts. Also, the recorded wattage of the small box fan is also lower than the regarded lowest wattage of the Tower fan.

What is the Most Efficient Box Fan?

Brentwood 20 with A 3-speed box fan Is considered to be the most efficient box van which uses 20 Watts and does have cubic feet per minute of 2295. But when we look at the lower what’s used, the rating reviews given by the people featured and the cost, the most efficient box fan can be the genesis box fan. 

Wattage Of Most Popular Box Fans:

The following table shows the most popular box fans with the usage of watts. 

Box fan wattage
Lasko #B20301 20-inch premium box fan 3-speed110 w
Ac infinity axial 123818 w
Comfort zone CZ9BWT30 w
Comfort zone CZ200A 20-inch 3-speed box fan30 w
Holmes HBF2010AWM 20 Inch box fan100 w
Optimus F-102225 w
LASKO 20-inch box fan55 w
polar-aire S-9PB mini box fan 29w
Genesis 20-inch box fan53 w
Lasko 20-inch box fan55w
Best common 20-inch box fan60w
Lasko B20725 metal box fan 100w
Lasko 3743 weather shield premium plus box fan90 w
Uniware 8062 20-inch box fan82w


The wattage consumption of the box fan depends on various factors like the size, usage of the fan, how old is the fan, speed of the fan, and maintenance of the box fan. The average wattage of a box fan on average is 73 watts of electricity when used at full speed. 

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  1. What is the electricity consumption of a box fan when it is used for 24 hours? 

 Ans. The average cost to use the box fan for 24 hours is 26 cents per day, $1.84 per week, and $8.15 per month. 

  1. How many votes a box Ban can use on low? 

Ans. A box fan of 20 inches when it is used at its maximum speed is rated at 90- 100 watts and when it is used at the lowest speed it is rated from 40 to 50 words and when it is used at medium air speed then it is rated from 62 to 75 watts. 

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