Good Teaching is not just about the right Practices

A teacher is someone who guides students, instructs, and teaches students through their growing-up phases as a profession. Teachers are the pillar of strengths, guiding forces, role models, and a tutor that all students admire and look up to in difficult situations during the student phase. Teachers pass on values to their students, prepare them to be a responsible citizen for the country, and mainly are contributors of good education in the society. Teachers play an important role in molding a child into a responsible student. A child spends one-thirds amount of the time of the day at school and two-thirds at home. Thus teachers are deeply associated with a student’s molding.

“What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.”

-Karl Meninger

A good teacher is not only someone who teaches in the best methods, or teaching practices are excellent, or are best instructors but a Good Teacher is not just known for about the right practices but a few intangible assets that a teacher as a role model possesses.

Few intangible good qualities of a good teacher include skills in communication, listening, politeness, collaboration, patience, empathy, hopefulness, rigorous hard work, adaptability and understanding nature. A good teacher rather utilizes an asset-based approach of teaching where the teacher believes in what students can do rather than what they cannot do. A good teacher helps in improving the areas of weaknesses of students.

A good teacher can create a wonderful world of good students, a good teacher can impact students right from the classroom to learning everything for a long term success. Many evidences from varied researches show that good teachers are the single most important factor that contributes to student achievement in the classroom, which has proven to be more important than facilities, school resources, latest study models or equipment or even the best school. A school is often known by the assets of good teachers rather than good facilities.

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A good teacher is solely responsible foe the beginning of child’s growth in tender ages, to a good quality of college students, futuristic good and responsible citizens for the country, quality of the neighborhood they develop, and ultimately a good person. Now, let us go through the qualities of a good teacher that can really affect and improve student’s education and future. According to Japanese proverb;

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

– a japanese proverb

1. Good teachers are powerful Communicators.

Strong communication can simply make a huge difference in understand the student mindset. Communication is both expressive and receptive. Educators should be skillful enough to listen and understand the thoughts, ideas and problems of their students and provide solutions, satisfactory responses and elaborative clarity. Good communication skills can help a teacher to be able to break down complex things into steps. Students get encouraged to attend school everyday, if the teacher is a good communicator. Strong verbal communication and positive expressive cues can make a huge difference in encouraging students to study.

2. Good teacher ensures good student behavior by engaging and collaborating with the students.

Engaging with all kinds of students and making sure each and every student is attending classes, listening to the teacher, participating in sessions and discussions, submitting assignments and homework on time, following what the teacher asks for, getting less distracted, and paying more attention to learning are all the actions ideally required to become a good student which a good and capable teacher can only incorporate. Along with all this ideal student behavior a teacher should engage and communicate with students more and make the study sessions filled with fun. Instead of creating boundaries or pointing out negative behavior of the students, a teacher should form a personal bond, or be close enough to the student so that stuents are open to talking and understand the importance of studies, and respects the teacher as well.

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3. Good Teachers share Best teaching Practices

A good teacher ensures and knows that different students may have different learning techniques and styles, but there are a few methods that can be suitable to all students that might help them to learn quickly which should be taught to students. Below are a few tips that a good teacher incorporates for efficient teaching:

  • Tailoring different teaching styles for different students.
  • Effective communication with students.
  • Creating a dynamic classroom.
  • Trying a practical approach to teaching with more experiments and projects.
  • Conducting group activities, making study partners and many more socially active student activities can help in better teaching and catering to diverse learners.

4. Good teachers show Empathy.

Empathy is defined as the ability to sense other people’s emotions, trying to understanding a problem from the point of view of other people or trying to feel what someone else might be thinking or feeling. By showing empathy to students, a teacher can create better learners, better concept developers, better students with good social behavior, and ultimately a better human. Empathy requires active listening, subtle tone of the voice and complete attention.

5. Good teachers have Patience.

A teacher’s patience will always be tested no matter whichever grade a teacher is teaching. For managing a classroom, for establishing an ideal student behavior, for better communication with students and much more, patience is one of the most important skills to practice as a teacher.


A good teacher is not only someone who teaches in the best methods, or teaching practices are excellent, or are best instructors but a Good Teacher is not just known for about the right practices but a few intangible assets that a teacher as a role model possesses.

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