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High School Musical is an American musical television film. It was one of the most popular television films among teenagers in 2006 when it was released. It was a definitive part of every teenager while growing up, and even the characters are quite famous to the date. Every young teenager had fantasized at least once about being a part of it, or something relatable happening in their personal life. After its release on the 20th of January, 2006; this film became a super hit and earned millions of viewers around the globe. Thus gaining so much success the film has a series of sequels namely High School Musical 2(2007), and High School Musical 3: Senior Year(2008).

Who are the six lead characters in High School Musical?

The six main characters of the Disney super hit film High School Musical are named from left to right:

  • Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu)
  • Taylor McKessie (Monique Coleman)
  • Troy Bolton (Zac Efron)
  • Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens)
  • Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale)
  • Ryan Evans (Lucas Grabeel)

Now, let us discuss the main topic of the article; High School Musical Chad. Chad is Chad Danforth, one of the six main characters from the High School Musical Trilogy.

Chad Danforth

Chad is Chad Danforth, one of the six main characters from the High School Musical Trilogy. He is the best friend, co-captain, and fellow basketball teammate of Troy Bolton. In the initial stages of the plot, he is against Troy’s “singing” and plots a plan to stop Troy and Gabriella Montez from singing. He plots this brilliant plan with the help of Taylor McKessie. His character is portrayed as an athlete who is only interested in sports and especially Basketball. He is least interested in other collegiate activities and thus his character is always portrayed in his Basketball team attire and a basketball in his hands most of the time.

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In the film, he is seen gearing up for the district championship basketball game and assumes that the team captain Troy, is also doing the same, just to get disappointed by some shocking news. According to the rapidly spreading shocking news, Troy the team captain of the Basketball team, and Gabriella Montez a topper student who has just been transferred have auditioned for the school’s musical and also have been called back for the lead roles. He is against Troy’s “singing thing” and plots a plan to stop Troy and Gabriella from singing. He plots this brilliant plan with the help of Taylor McKessie who wants the same for their friend and topper Gabriella. At the end of the first film, Chad is seen asking Taylor out on a date.

In the second film of the series, Chad is seen dating Taylor and has maintained a good relationship with her. His friendship with Troy is seen deteriorating in the second film. He is saving up for buying a car and takes a job at the Lava Springs County Club for the summer with his friends in the second film.

In High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Chad is keen to play Basketball with Troy at the University of Albuquerque followed by High School graduation. Chad struggles to ask Taylor to prom, but he succeeds after several tries. He gains back his friendship with Troy in the third film but is upset with him as he decides to attend a different college. But soon realizes that he cannot be always together with him. Chad had actually auditioned for the role of Ryan Evans but instead was suggested for the role of Chad Danforth.

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Chad is best known for wearing shirts with unconventional messages and phrases on them. He is seen wearing environmentally friendly quotes on his shirts in the third film of the High Musical franchise.

Who is Chad from High School Musical?

Corbin Bleu portrays Chad Danforth in the first three films of the High School franchise. He actually auditioned for the role of Ryan Evans, but instead was suggested for the role of Chad Danforth. He has also auditioned for many projects for the Disney Channel before auditioning for the High School franchise.

Did Chad Danforth and Ryan Evans date in the second part of the franchise?

Chad Danforth and Ryan Evans have a friendship pairing, but in the initial plot of the film, they are seen against each other hating. But during High School Musical 2, it is suggested that they became boyfriends. Fans have it rumored that Chad Danforth and Ryan Evans were actually gay and in a relationship together in the second film, but the truth is unknown to all yet. Chad was Troy’s best friend and was supposed to date Taylor, while Ryan was Sharpay’s brother who was supposed to take Kelsi to prom. But keeping all of that aside, fans believe and seem to figure out a completely different story that Chad and Ryan were completely into each other during the whole film in the second part.

Are Chad and Taylor from High School Musical still together?

Chad and Taylor were one of the hottest pairs in High School Musical Trilogy, who had a very engaging storyline from becoming friends to lovers. They still have an ongoing friendship as rumored by fans.

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Corbin Bleu also famous as Chad Danforth

Corbin Bleu aka Chad Danforth is an American actor, singer, and dancer. He has also pursued a music career along with acting. His debut album “Another Side” was released in 2007. He was born in New York City to an Italian American mother and a Jamaican American father. He gained a huge fandom through his acting in the High School Musical Trilogy from 2006 to 2008.

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