How much does an electric heater cost to run (best cost-saving tips)

A person does need an electric heater when the winter comes as with the cooling whether the person needs to cool their room? but they also want to be the most cost-effective. This article will let you. About how much it costs to run an electric heater. how can you reduce the cost of running an electric heater? 

How much does an electric heater cost to run? 

The cost of an electric heater does depend on a number of factors such as electric heater type etc. And standard electric heater of 1500 watts runs an average price of 0.26 Dollars per hour, 8.93 per week when it is used for 5 hours per day, and 38.25 per month when it is used for 5 hours per day for 30 days. The average cost spent on running a typical electric heater of 15000 watts is 0. 20 Dollars per hour 6.8 3 per week in which the electric heater is used 5 hours per day and 29.25 per month in which the electric heater is used for 5 hours per day for 30 days. There are many left in the heater that does change their mode by which they can change the amount of consumption. The USA is in the 7th position for using electric heaters at the cheapest cost to run. 

The following table shows the electric cost of an electric heater depending upon the different types of an electric heaters. 

Electric heater typeConsumption in WattsCost per hourCost per weekCost per month
Space heater1500$0.20$6.83$29.25
Electrical radiator2000$0.26$9.10$39.00
Towel warmer rack150$0.02$0.68$2.93
Storage heater2550$0.33$11.60$49.73
Infrared heater1000$0.12$4.55$19.50

How to reduce the cost of a running electric heater? 

The following are the points by which the person can reduce the cost of running an electric heater:

  • Use a timer. 
  • Stop drafts. 
  • Use the right electric heater. 
  • Take advantage of night rates. 
  • Considered switching electricity providers. 
  • Don’t overheat. 
  • Use an electric heater less. 
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Use a timer:

In most cases, many people forget to turn off the electric heater which will increase to run the electric heater. So to avoid this mistake there are many electric heaters who do have a built-in timer and by setting the heater it will automatically turn off. And the electric heater which does not have a timer does have a socket timer. By using that you can turn off the heater.

Stop drafts:

If a person stops drafting and insulating their home they can save 15% on heating. An electric heater is used and if the air leaks through Windows or doors it will not make the room warm so to fix the window a window draft excluder tape is used and for fixing the door a door draft can be used which will prevent the air to leak.

Use the right electric heater:

There are many cases in which when a person uses a powerful heater or uses a heater that uses less electricity and has the same effect on the room temperature so the person can use the right electric heater to avoid using a powerful electrical heater that will consume more electricity and will cost more to run. An electric heater should be chosen according to the situation so choose the right heater for the room. The inferred or radiant type of heater warms people directly and is good for outdoor areas. But when a person wants to use a heater in the bathroom a standard electric towel rack can be used. In the case of using the electric heater in a small room, a radiator heater is a good type of electric Heater to heat the room.

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Take advantage of night rates:

A storage heater can be used when the person wants to use it to pay less at off-peak times which are from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m can use it regularly at the same period of time which will help to cause less to run an electric heater.

Consider switching electricity providers:

When a person is done with the contract for electricity then to avoid the cost of running an electric heater you can switch the electricity provider so that you get a better unit rate. 

Don’t overheat:

Try to control the heat output so that the temperature of the room does get cold as it can be done by using a thermostat which will help the person to keep the power output set to a minimum.

Use less electric heater:

The person can reduce the cost by using the electric heater less and should wear warmer clothing so that they don’t feel cold and avoid going outside unnecessarily. The person can also get the heat from other sources such as the oven by leaving the door open after using it which will help them to gain heat.


The person should buy an electric heater by checking the usage of voltage when it is Run and also should buy a type of electric heater according to the room which will help to keep the room warm for a longer time and it will help in using less electricity. During the winter the person can also run the ceiling fan in a clockwise direction so that it will create an updraft. Which helps the warm air to move around the room only and will be helpful to provide heat for a longer time.

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