5 Best Tips for Writing Effective Content through Paraphrasing Tool

Writing effective quality content is not an easy task, especially if you’re trying to write content through paraphrasing tool.  There are so many different things that need to be taken into consideration when creating great pieces of writing, but one of the most important aspects is ensuring that your words flow smoothly and make sense … Read more

The Dual Immersion Solution

Dual immersion and bilingual education both refer to teaching academic content in two different languages with the goal of students becoming literate in both languages. Immersion learning refers to any education approach that teaches by placing students directly into a new environment with a different language than known to them. The most common use of … Read more

3 Reasons why students procrastinate and how to help them stop!

3 Reasons why students procrastinate and how to help them stop!

Parents, teachers, and friends are the supporters and provide encouragement for the students who are lazy and procrastinate to stop and start focusing on their studies. Parents and teachers can develop good study habits in a child. They are the ones from whom a child observes and learns. So when it comes to developing good … Read more

Good Teaching is not just about the right Practices

A teacher is someone who guides students, instructs, and teaches students through their growing-up phases as a profession. Teachers are the pillar of strengths, guiding forces, role models, and a tutor that all students admire and look up to in difficult situations during the student phase. Teachers pass on values to their students, prepare them … Read more

Using the Workshop Model to Foster Independence

The workshop model of teaching may sound a little difficult to pursue but it is indeed fruitful for students to become independent learners. The workshop teaching model is a great teaching structure and teaching method, which can be incorporated for teaching almost all subjects. Once a teacher starts incorporating the workshop method for one subject, … Read more

How using Hexagonal thinking can deepen Classroom Conversations?

How using Hexagonal thinking can deepen Classroom Conversations?

To process and represent information, thinking is our brain’s mechanism to process the gained knowledge or information and organize that information in order to experience, plan, learn, reflect and create. Thinking is an important mental process. Sometimes the thinking process can overwhelm an individual’s mental health when it gets converted to overthinking or all thinking … Read more

50 Years of Children drawing Scientists

A simple pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world by following a systematic methodology based on pieces of evidence are termed “Science”. Science generates solutions for everyday life and helps to answer the great mysteries of the Universe. The best discoveries of science have simply made human life easier … Read more