MNC Practice Quiz | Random Question Answers

1.  what is an architectural constraint to which a true restful api web service must adhere?

It operates as a cloud service.

It runs as client/server model.

It must support the XML data format.

It uses HTTPS to transport data.

2.  refer to the exhibit consider the ip address configuration shown from pc1 what is a description of the default gateway address?

It is the IP address of the Router1 interface that connects the company to the Internet.

It is the IP address of the Router1 interface that connects the PC1 LAN to Router1.

It is the IP address of Switch1 that connects PC1 to other devices on the same LAN.

It is the IP address of the ISP network device located in the cloud.

 3. what is a common protocol that is used with peer to peer applications such as wireshare bearshare and shareaza?





 4. what function does pressing the tab key have when entering a command in ios?

It aborts the current command and returns to configuration mode.

It exits configuration mode and returns to user EXEC mode.

It moves the cursor to the beginning of the next line.

It completes the remainder of a partially typed word in a command.

 5. which two devices commonly affect wireless networks choose two?

Blu-ray players

home theaters

cordless phones


incandescent light bulbs

external hard drives

 6. which two functions are performed at the llc sublayer of the osi data link layer to facilitate ethernet communication choose two?

implements CSMA/CD over legacy shared half-duplex media

enables IPv4 and IPv6 to utilize the same physical medium

integrates Layer 2 flows between 10 Gigabit Ethernet over fiber and 1 Gigabit Ethernet over copper

implements a process to delimit fields within an Ethernet 2 frame

places information in the Ethernet frame that identifies which network layer protocol is being encapsulated by the frame

 7. a new layer 3 switch is connected to a router and is being configured for intervlan routing what are three of the five steps required for the  configuration choose three 2?

enabling IP routing

modifying the default VLAN

entering “no switchport” on the port connected to the router

establishing adjacencies

assigning ports to VLANs

adjusting the route metric

assigning the ports to the native VLAN

 8. refer to the exhibit if the switch reboots and all routers have to re establish ospf adjacencies which routers will become the new dr and bdr?

A. Router R3 will become the DR and router R1 will become the BDR.

B. Router R4 will become the DR and router R3 will become the BDR.

C. Router R1 will become the DR and router R2 will become the BDR.

D. Router R3 will become the DR and router R2 will become the BDR.

 9. which procedure is used to reduce the effect of crosstalk in copper cables 3?

requiring proper grounding connections

twisting opposing circuit wire pairs together

wrapping the bundle of wires with metallic shielding

designing a cable infrastructure to avoid crosstalk interference

avoiding sharp bends during installation

 10. which two functions are performed at the mac sublayer of the osi data link layer to facilitate ethernet communication choose two 2?

places information in the Ethernet frame that identifies which network layer protocol is being encapsulated by the frame

adds Ethernet control information to network protocol data

responsible for internal structure of Ethernet frame

enables IPv4 and IPv6 to utilize the same physical medium

implements trailer with frame check sequence for error detection

11.  why would a log file contain a next to the date?

A. The network device was receiving NTP time when the log messages were recorded

B. The network device was unable to reach the NTP server when the log messages were recorded.

C. The network device is not configured to use NTP

D. The network device is not configured to use NTP time stamps for logging.

 12. which three guidelines are used to protect confidential information?

Limit access to objects holding confidential information.

Clearly identify and label confidential information.

Manage confidential and other information uniformly.

Transparently handle information to improve diagnostics.

Treat user input as normal information.

Validate input before storing confidential information.

Encapsulate confidential information.

 13. which tol included in the security onion is a series of software plugins that send different types of data to the elasticsearch data stores?





 14. which two acronyms represent the data link sublayers that ethernet relies upon to operate choose two?






 15. a user is complaining that the printer is printing pages with no image on them what should the technician do to resolve the issue 2?

Reset the page counter

Check the vibration of the Crystal’s

Update the OS

Replace the toner cartridge

Clean the printer

 16. in what networking model would edonkey emule bittorrent bitcoin and lionshare be used?





17. what is the function provided by capwap protocol in a corporate wireless network?

CAPWAP creates a tunnel on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) ports in order to allow a WLC to configure an autonomous access point.

CAPWAP provides the encapsulation and forwarding of wireless user traffic between an access point and a wireless LAN controller.

CAPWAP provides connectivity between an access point using IPv6 addressing and a wireless client using IPv4 addressing.

CAPWAP provides the encryption of wireless user traffic between an access point and a wireless client.

 18. what means that the job provides greater responsibility recognition and opportunities for growth and development?

job simplification

job enrichment

job enlargement

job growth

 19. which statement accurately describes a tcp ip encapsulation process when a pc is sending data to the network?

Data is sent from the internet layer to the network access layer.

Packets are sent from the network access layer to the transport layer.

Segments are sent from the transport layer to the internet layer.

Frames are sent from the network access layer to the internet layer.

 20 which two actions can be taken to prevent a successful attack on an email server account choose two?

Never send the password through the network in a clear text.

Never use passwords that need the Shift key.

Never allow physical access to the server console.

Only permit authorized access to the server room.

Limit the number of unsuccessful

21.  what does call admission control require the client to send in order to reserve the bandwidth?

A. SIP flow information

B. Wi-Fi multimedia

C. traffic specification

D. VoIP media session awareness

22. which two actions provide controlled layer 2 network connectivity between virtual machines running on the same hypervisor choose two?

A. Use a single trunk link to an external Layer2 switch.

B. Use a virtual switch provided by the hypervisor.

C. Use a virtual switch running as a separate virtual machine.

D. Use a single routed link to an external router on stick.

E. Use VXLAN fabric after installing VXLAN tunneling drivers on the virtual machines.

23. what is one advantage of using the cut through switching method instead of the store and forward switching method?

has a positive impact on bandwidth by dropping most of the invalid frames

makes a fast forwarding decision based on the source MAC address of the frame

has a lower latency appropriate for high-performance computing applications​

provides the flexibility to support any mix of Ethernet speeds

24. which azure service should you use to correlate events from multiple resources into a centralized repository?

Azure Event Hubs

Azure Analysis Services

Azure Monitor

Azure Log Analytics

 25. what is contained in the trailer of a data link frame 2?

logical address

physical address


error detection

 26. what makes fiber preferable to copper cabling for interconnecting buildings choose three?

greater distances per cable run

lower installation cost

limited susceptibility to EMI/RFI

durable connections

greater bandwidth potential

easily terminated

 27. which two issues can cause both runts and giants in ethernet networks choose two?

a malfunctioning NIC

CRC errors

electrical interference on serial interfaces

half-duplex operations

using the incorrect cable type

 28. what is used to measure the total output energy of a wi fi device?

A. dBi


C. mW

D. dBm

 29. what type of communication rule would best describe csma cd?

access method

flow control

message encapsulation

message encoding

 30. which device tracks the state of active connections in order to make a decision to forward a packet through?

A. wireless access point

B. firewall

C. wireless LAN controller

D. router

 31. what are two functions that are provided by the network layer choose two?

directing data packets to destination hosts on other networks

placing data on the network medium

carrying data between processes that are running on source and destination hosts

providing dedicated end-to-end connections

providing end devices with a unique network identifier

 32. what routing table entry has a next hop address associated with a destination network 2?

directly-connected routes

local routes

remote routes

C and L source routes

 33. what do the client server and peer to peer network models have in common?

Both models have dedicated servers.

Both models support devices in server and client roles.

Both models require the use of TCP/IP-based protocols.

Both models are used only in the wired network environment.

 34. which acpi state turns the cpu and ram off and copies the contents of ram to a temporary file on the hard disk?






35. a call center technician has asked a customer to perform a simple operation to fix a problem on a computer the customer seems unable to perform the task what should the technician do?

Determine whether the customer would prefer to receive the instructions in another form, such as emailed, illustrated written instructions.

Explain to the customer that it is a simple task and ask the customer to try it again.

Tell the customer that another technician will explain the task .

Ask the customer to find someone with more experience to perform the task.

36. refer to the exhibit router r1 has an ospf neighbor relationship with the isp router over the 192 168 0 32 network the 192 168 0 36 network link should serve as a backup when the ospf link goes down 2?

Change the administrative distance to 120.

Add the next hop neighbor address of

Change the destination network to

Change the administrative distance to 1.

37. what is the common term given to snmp log messages that are generated by network devices and sent to the snmp server 2?





38. which of the following cryptocurrencies use an alternate consensus method called scrypt to btcs proof of work pow sha 256 algorithm?





40. which step is required before creating a new wlan on a cisco 3500 series wlc?

Create a new SSID.

Build or have an SNMP server available.

Build or have a RADIUS server available.

Create a new VLAN interface.

 41. a customer needs additional storage space on an older computer what will the technician look at in the computer to determine if an additional hard  drive can be added 2?

adequate RAM

an open PCI/PCIe expansion slot

an available PATA/SATA connection

BIOS version

the heat that is generated and air flow requirements

42. refer to the exhibit which data format is used to represent the data for network automation applications?





 43. the sw1 interface g0 1 is in the down down state which two configurations are valid reasons for the interface conditionschoose two 2?

A. There is a duplex mismatch

B. There is a speed mismatch

C. There is a protocol mismatch

D. The interface is shut down

E. The interface is error-disabled

 44. what is the responsibility of a secondary wlc?

A. It shares the traffic load of the LAPs with the primary controller.

B. It avoids congestion on the primary controller by sharing the registration load on the LAPs.

C. It registers the LAPs if the primary controller fails.

D. It enables Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming between Itself and the primary controller.

 45. which wan topology provides a combination of simplicity quality and availability?

A. partial mesh

B. full mesh

C. point-to-point

D. hub-and-spoke

 46. a developer has created an s3 bucket s3 mycoolappand has enabled server across logging that points to the folder s3 mycoolapp logs the developer moved 100 kb of cascading style sheets css docume?

The CSS files were not compressed and S3 versioning was enabled.

S3 replication was enabled on the bucket.

Logging into the same bucket caused exponential log growth.

An S3 lifecycle policy has moved the entire CSS file to S3 Infrequent Access.

 47. if a switch port receives a new frame while it is actively transmitting a previous frame how does it process the frames?

A. The new frame is delivered first, the previous frame is dropped, and a retransmission request is sent.

B. The previous frame is delivered, the new frame is dropped, and a retransmission request is sent.

C. The new frame is placed in a queue for transmission after the previous frame.

D. The two frames are processed and delivered at the same time.

 48. what are two problems that can be caused by a large number of arp request and reply messages choose two?

Switches become overloaded because they concentrate all the traffic from the attached subnets.

The ARP request is sent as a broadcast, and will flood the entire subnet.

The network may become overloaded because ARP reply messages have a very large payload due to the 48-bit MAC address and 32-bit IP address that they contain.

A large number of ARP request and reply messages may slow down the switching process, leading the switch to make many changes in its MAC table.

All ARP request messages must be processed by all nodes on the local network.

 49. which two functions are performed at the llc sublayer of the osi data link layer choose two?

Adds Layer 2 control information to network protocol data.

Places information in the frame that identifies which network layer protocol is being used for the frame.

Performs data encapsulation.

Controls the NIC responsible for sending and receiving data on the physical medium.

Integrates various physical technologies.

 50 which utility uses the internet control messaging protocol icmp? 





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