University of Portland

The University of Portland also known as UP is a private Catholic university in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 1901 and is affiliated with the Congregation of Holy Cross, which also founded UP’s sister school the University of Notre Dame. The size of campus is 108 acres and university enrolls approximately 4,200 students. It … Read more

Universities in New Zealand

There are numerous top-ranked universities in New Zealand and several international students choose New Zealand for higher studies to study different courses because of great climate, stunning natural landscape, a rich culture, good governance and promising economy. It ranks higher in terms of education, health benefits, economic freedom and quality of life. It offers courses … Read more

Difference between public and private colleges

What is a college? A college is a small educational institution typically offers both undergraduate and diploma courses but don’t provide research programs. After passing higher school, most of the students are trying to make your college list to get enroll. During your research you’ll definitely come across public and private colleges. You have no … Read more