Top 10 Automation testing platforms

Automation testing is an alternative option for the testing process for mobile and web applications. It uses a software tool to automate the human driver’s manual method of validating and reviewing the software application. It verifies the non-functional and functional requirements of the application designed through the use of automated test scripts. Automation testing platforms … Read more

Why You Should Be Using Cypress As Your Next Test Automation Framework?

Cypress is a modern automated testing framework, becoming popular in the IT market. Cypress test automation is used in different software projects and popular testing frameworks and can be used for your next project.  Cypress, a JavaScript-based front-end testing framework, allows you to easily create flexible and powerful tests for web applications. It allows advanced … Read more

Top 10 Technologies to Learn in 2020 | Trending Technologies 2020 | Top 10 Tech

So technology is the answer to all the demands of today’s ever evolving world. Which means that technology is evolving as well. With each new advancement in the recent technology some ancient one gets phased out. For example you remember using encyclopedia or going to libraries to find out answers instead of using your phones … Read more