The Joy in Teaching High School

“Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions”


Teachers are the people who students remember throughout their life. A teacher can be the most fascinating memory of the time spent learning new things while growing up. Teachers play an important role in offering guidance, knowledge, hope to become better citizens of the country, and also better human beings. Thus teachers are considered the backbone of society. Teachers are the reason for a country’s better development and socio-economic growth. Teachers shape young minds into responsible adults who can further become good and prosperous citizens of the country, making the country proud.

Why is it fun to teach High School?

High schoolers are teenagers who are able to know what is fun, the joy of studying, sarcasm, and sarcastic jokes, understand the process of growing up, and much more. teenagers are fun and teaching them is more fun. teenagers are optimistic, full of hope and life, are future seekers, are passionate and happy people who can also make teaching fun for teachers. Teenagers can explore new things, are bold and fun-loving people can be great friends and are cool people to be around even for a teacher. A teacher can learn many things from the teens and vice versa. Of course, students are meant to learn from teachers, but in the case of teenagers or high schoolers, a teacher is also able to learn something new every day.

How can a Teacher find joy among Teenagers?

There are many ways in which teaching teenagers can become a fun activity and a teacher can also develop a good bond with the students. Below are a few points in which a teacher can enjoy teaching high schoolers.

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1. Engaging and communicating with the high schoolers.

Engaging with all kinds of students and making sure each and every student is attending classes, listening to the teacher, participating in sessions and discussions, submitting assignments and homework on time, following what the teacher asks for, getting less distracted, and paying more attention to learning are all the actions which are ideally required to become a good student. But teenagers are free spirits, they do not like restrictions. So along with all this ideal student behavior a teacher should engage and communicate with students more and make the study sessions filled with fun. Instead of creating boundaries or pointing out negative behavior of the students, a teacher should form a personal bond, or be close enough to the student so that the high schooler is open to talking and understands the importance of studies, and respects the teacher as well.

2. Providing sincere compliments and praises whenever required.

Teenagers are always striving for approval, praise, and attention. Teenagers are termed as attention seekers as they doubt themselves most of the time. Every reader might agree with this and giggle as they might have also passed the teen stage or maybe a teen who is doing the same! Sincere compliments are a way to keep teenagers on board with the teachers for completing the learning and curriculum effectively. Notes of praise allow the students to feel motivated, inspire students to work harder, encourage positive behavior, raise their self-esteem, and much more. Compliments make the students feel special as they feel that they are being noted for their good behavior and achievements.

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3. Seeking the opinions of high schoolers about a completed unit or chapter or a conducted activity.

Seeking the opinions of high schoolers about a completed unit or chapter or a conducted activity can be surprising enough for the teacher themselves as the answers are most surprising and mature. Teenagers are totally honest about their likes and dislikes and thus seeking their opinion about the teaching style, study method, activities conducted or to be planned further can make the study process engaging. Thus studying and teaching can become a total fun activity if teens support the teachers and vice versa.

4. Allowing students to establish and plan their own guidelines, rules, regulations, and punishments.

Allowing students to establish guidelines, rules, regulations, and punishments on their own acknowledges them with their mistakes immediately and they are also aware of receiving punishments because that is their own decision. Students become aware of proper and improper behavior on their own. Classroom rules and regulations allow the students to know about the dos and don’ts of classroom etiquette. If the students are aware of the rules beforehand and that too by the students themselves, then it becomes easy for the teachers to manage the class. These establishments make it easier for teachers to maintain discipline. Also, teenagers are people who do not like to follow guidelines, rules, regulations given by the teacher, but if they establish the same it makes it easy for them to understand where ever they are wrong because teens can be troublesome sometimes.

5. Turning study sessions into games thus shaking up the routine classes.

Turning sessions into games is the best way to gain the attention and engagement of the students towards learning. Students love everything in a play form, as students just love to play. Thus turning almost all possible sessions into game-based learning can help a lot in making the teaching process much easier. Games that can be played during sessions are as follows :

  • A Scavenger Hunt
  • Roleplay games for learning languages, comprehensions, and dialogues.
  • Pictionary games for learning difficult topics and conducting tests.
  • Arranging experimental sessions.
  • Making models of difficult topics.
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