Top 10 Automation testing platforms

Automation testing is an alternative option for the testing process for mobile and web applications. It uses a software tool to automate the human driver’s manual method of validating and reviewing the software application. It verifies the non-functional and functional requirements of the application designed through the use of automated test scripts. Automation testing platforms can be defined as the framework that assists in automating the QA efforts. Such platforms use inputs and cases that the application has to be tested for. It comprises a pre-written or amended set of steps to simulate the action of the users. Automation testing platforms are usually designed to re-run pre-defined and recorded actions. It helps you in limiting errors and performing the test throughout. This blog will present the top 10 Automation testing platforms that help you to choose as per your requirement. Before moving towards it, you should know why Automation testing platforms need to be used.  

Need for Automation testing platforms

The use of Automation testing platforms requires good and sound knowledge to make the best use of the resources. If the software testers have pre-defined actions, then automation testing platforms are helpful as it allows for testing the web application for a similar test. However, if there are different types of inputs, the use of automation testing platforms may be more expensive than the manual testing process. Therefore, automation testing platforms are needed for large-scale products because human error is highly common with manual testing in such testing. 

Why should you choose automation testing platforms? 

There are many reasons for choosing automation testing platforms for the testing process. Some of them are: 

  • It will save your time 
  • It will save your money 
  • You will be able to detect bugs easily
  • It gives high accuracy 
  • You can perform parallel testing 
  • It has high test coverage 

Knowing the need and significance of automation testing platforms, it is crucial to get details on the top 10 automation testing platforms. 

Here are some: 


LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that allows testing on Selenium Grid Cloud of above 3000 desktop and mobile browsers. It is the best testing platform that supports both manual and automation testing in different program languages and frameworks. It is the most preferred platform as it ensures a reliable and secure test execution cloud that authorizes the testing website and development team to increase the release cycles. The testing of the application can be done parallelly and thus cut down the test execution by 10x and above. 

Highlighting features

  • You can evaluate the Selenium test logs that help in debugging. 
  • Checking into exception logs, raw Selenium logs and command logs, and others that indicate end-to-end test execution. 
  • It has a LambdaTest tunnel feature through which locally hosted and privately hosted web applications and pages can be tested. 
  • It offers integrated analytics and reporting characteristics that assist the testers in running tests and sending the report to the concerned stakeholders. 

TestComplete Mobile

It is a mobile application testing platform from SmartBear. It allows automation testing for any device and operating system. It is equipped to run UI tests on real mobile devices in the cloud or locally. With TestComplete Mobile, running parallel tests across different operating systems and multiple devices is also possible, which makes it the preferred automation testing platform.

Highlighting features: 

  • TestComplete Mobile integrates CI/CD tools, test management solutions, and issue tracking tools, allowing for the end-to-end solution for different testing needs. 
  • This platform supports different languages like Jscript, Python, JavaScript, and VBScript in order to form automated scripts.
  • It is leveraged for automation on different devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions. 
  • It also provides access to mobile devices’ sensor data like gyroscopes. 

Perfecto Mobile 

Perfecto mobile is a could base platform for mobile, web, and IoT testing. It provides exceptional digital experience to the testers, efficient in delivering optimal mobile application functionality with seamless user experience. Using a continuous Quality Lab helps build tests and monitor the usability and performance of the mobile application. Hence, it is considered the fastest and smartest platform for mobile application testing. 

Highlighting features

  • It gives instant access from IDE to a large variety of mobile devices and web browsing environments without any challenges. 
  • Validation of the code on real platforms can be done with Perfecto mobile
  • Provides a unified test platform where coverage of test creation, analysis, and execution can be done within one space. 
  • It has six reliable and global data centers that enable the security of the data. 
  • It also has smart reporting and competency to test the application on thousands of real devices. 


Kobiton is a mobile and web device testing cloud-based platform that has the ability to run scriptless test automation. This platform allows testing the application from the manual tests’ executables on different types of devices. It is known to support automation tools, including Appium, Selenium, XCUI, and expresso. 

Integration of the kobiton in the DevOps CI/CD platform is possible with automated crash detection. Automation tests can be run with the use of Selenium WebDriver for web testing and Appium for mobile testing. 

Highlighting features

  • It allows parallel automation testing. 
  • Manual and automating testing can be done using Kobiton 
  • You can record videos 
  • Capturing screenshots and user interaction is possible with Kobiton. 
  • It allows integration with the tools like TeamCity, Jenkins, and GitHub. 


This testing platform stands for AI-Powered Codeless Test Automation on the Cloud. It is a well-known testing platform for continuous test automation of the API, web and mobile applications, and manual testing. It offers a seamless connection to all the testing needs with three times faster test cycles and faster automation. 

Highlighting features

  • It offers end-to-end business assurance by focusing on automation integration across the tech stack. 
  • There is codeless English language automation with no vendor locks that provide flexibility and power for handling complex automation tests. 
  • It is a unified approach for test design by management modification for accelerated quality. 
  • There is 70% less effort incurred on test automation 

Katalon platform 

Katalon platform is a scalable automation testing platform that offers to test for API, web, mobile, and desktop. It is one of the most trusted automation platforms that gives solutions to over 100 000 businesses. The Katalon platform has eased the testing process by eliminating the need for coding and developing a test framework, where the tester can download the tool by giving major focus on the testing. 

Highlighting features 

  • It gives the option for recording action, creating test cases, reporting results, generating test scripts, and tool integration. 
  • It supports various testing methods like Cross-Browser Testing, BDD, and Keyword-Driven Testing. 
  • It is versatile in services as it can run on Linux, macOS, and windows. 
  • It can be integrated with various tools like JIRA, Git, and Slack. 
  • It has a smart debugging user interface to troubleshoot the error faster.


WorkSoft is an automation testing platform for SAP. It provides Agile and DevOps continuous automation platforms, which are specially designed to handle complex automation issues. This platform is well known for offering only code-free automation testing. It is developed to provide the best services to large enterprises that have the mission of risky business processes. It is the only testing software with a single platform with the function of process delivery, intelligence, and RPA. It delivers an unprecedented ability to comprehend and de-risk complex business processes, which tracks optimizing results. 

Highlighting features

  • Deployment is possible at the stage of implementation, maintenance, and upgrade of SAP projects. 
  • It allows testing and automation of SAP Fiori User Experience, Concur, Syclo, SuccessFactors, and Ariba Network. 
  • Provides integration of test data management tool. 


Subject7 is a cloud-based SAAS automation testing platform that is script free. It is designed to assist non-technical testers and test automation engineers in having end-to-end automated tests. It is a true codeless automation solution for all types of testing being unified in a single platform.

Highlighting features 

  • It can be used by non-technical testers to execute automation testing. 
  • It supports browser testing, Sikuli tests, API, and Native Mobile App Testing. 
  • Recording and test reporting are possible. 
  • It offers parameterization and a data-driven process of testing. 
  • It includes cross-browser parallel testing execution that saves time for the testers. 


Protractor is an automation testing platform for web applications that associates different technologies like Selenium WebDriver and Node.js. It is for Angular and non-Angular JS applications as the end-to-end testing framework. The test can be executed in a real browser and allow testing like a user. 

Highlighting features

  • Angular specific locator approach is supported that allows testing of the Angular specific elements irrespective of the setup efforts. 
  • There is no requirement to add waits and sleep to the testing process as it has automated waiting that executes the test for the next step automatically. 
  • It supports Behavior-driven development like Jasmine/Mocha
  • Supports multiple browsers like Firefox and Safari. 
  • Can run similar scripts in mobile browsers without any need of modifying the code. 

HPE Unified Functional Testing 

HPE unified functional testing is a cross-platform automation testing tool also known as QuickTest Professional (QTP). It makes the testing process easy and cost-effective as it offers a solution to testing the application by collaborating testers and developers. It is the platform that automates the desktop, web, Oracle, Visual Basic, Java, SAP, and other applications. Regression and functional testing are possible through HPE unified functional testing by user interfaces like web interface and native GUI. 

Highlighting features

  • It makes use of the VBScript as the language of the script. 
  • It is known for supporting Data-Driven Testing.
  • Less effort is needed for configuring and recording the script. However, it can be used repeatedly to verify the application’s functionality. 
  •   No involvement of manual script writing when creating automated tests with the use of UFT through HPE. 
  • It uses a visual system that allows the testers and developers to manipulate, view, and assess the graphical user interface. 


In the real world, there is no software that is free of issues or bugs. A thorough testing of the software is an important aspect of fixing the bug and ensuring smooth functioning and performance. Above mentioned list of the top 10 Automation testing platforms gives ideas on the highlighting features which give you knowledge and awareness to better decide which platform meets your testing requirement. Although an above plethora of automation testing platforms aim at different types of testing where some are open source while some are licensed. The choice of the testing platform relies on the requirement of the business and the common aim of quality software at speed. It is the top priority of the LambdaTest. 

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