Top Animated Series to Watch on Hulu

Animation these days is a popular genre style, and filming studios are creating some spectacular content. If you have a Hulu subscription, then you have a variety of animated series at your disposal. The catalog is very diverse and includes adult comedy, futuristic space shows, Westerns, semi-modern versions of classic characters, and mind-bending drugs are all available.

We have compiled a list of the top animated series you can watch on Hulu now as it has got some of the best titles that you cannot miss! If you wish to enjoy a smooth streaming experience, make sure you have high-speed and reliable internet connection like the one provided by AT&T Internet plans to enjoy bing-watch without worrying about buffering.

Dig in to read about the animated series.

Crossing Swords 

Crossing Swords blends the world of adventure and fantasy with black comedy to a very entertaining effect. This show is about Patrick (Nicholas Hoult), a peasant who lands his ideal job as a squire at the royal family’s castle. However, his life turns out as anything other than lavish because the castle is full of fraudsters and thieves.

To add more complications, Patrick’s criminal brothers return to complicate his life. The original animation is that medieval toys show all the characters in an amusing juxtaposition when you consider how sexually explicit and shocking the whole thing is.


There are many versions created of the genre in both films and on television; however, Archer is among the most entertaining. The story is set in a shadowy spy agency and is centered around the deadly but sly top agent Sterling Archer.

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The show can take the viewers on a hilarious adventure; some of the most memorable laughs are derived from the drama between offices, which seems like something straight from the pages of a popular sitcom for workplaces. The characters are all great and hilarious additions to the zany world, but Archer, in his self-centered, irresponsible “hero,” can be described as the apex of the show.

Solar Opposites

Solar Opposites is a show you should not miss. Since 2020, it has been streaming via this site; this sitcom tells about aliens who flee their planet following an explosion only to make it to earth.

What follows is their attempts to guard the existence of a living supercomputer, which may transform into its most powerful form and enslave the planet in the future. The sitcom has many funny scenes as well as adult themes.

Hellsing Ultimate series

Hellsing Ultimate series is the second animated adaptation of the writer Kouta Hirano’s legendary dark-fantasy manga. The first anime adaptation developed into a new story that was loosely based on the original material, whereas the Ultimate series sticks more closely to the original script. In a world in which the undead are a constant threat to human life, the Hellsing Organization has been Britain’s most effective defense against the undead.

Sir Integra Hellsing, the head of the organization, has the most powerful weapon available in the shape of an Alucard. The vampire is an uncommon undead creature that fights with the living. The group is eventually involved in a bloody struggle against rival organizations of monster hunting and undead as well.

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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is an extremely watched anime series throughout the greater portion of an entire decade. Now that the final season is underway, Hulu is premiering episodes on the same day they air in Japan. The show is set in an apocalyptic world that sees humanity living in cities that are walled to avoid the Titans, gigantic humanoids with a thirst for destruction.

Eren Jaeger is a child who loses his maternal grandmother to Titans at a young age and is enlisted in the Survey Corps to fight them. When Eren realizes that he has the power to transform into a Titan and become a human being, it offers humanity the chance to stand up for itself while divulging many of Titan’s secrets.

The Simpson

It is considered by many of its viewers to be among the greatest animated shows ever created; The Simpsons is streaming now on Hulu. It is considered to be a drama for families and has managed to attract an immense fanbase from across the globe.

The plot revolves around a nuclear plant worker who is from Springfield, USA, and his family and friends. Anyone who has not seen the show previously can now enjoy it in HD.

Rick and Morty 

Rick and Morty is a fantastic illustration of a show that shows that a cartoon is an incredible show but also accepts that it’s a cartoon. The wacky sci-fi comedy series is a saga of the numerous dangerous and interdimensional adventures of a hard-drinking scientist and his non-spectacular grandchild.

The show is frequently noted for its brilliant writing, which introduces mind-blowing and intriguing concepts as well as tells a hilarious and engaging story. It is not difficult to comprehend the reasons Rick and Morty have built up such a large number of loyal fans who praise them as the top shows on TV.

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Hulu is a well-known company for its incredible selection of TV-related simulcasts. Amazingly, this has been extended to include anime for several years. Select any of the above top animated series and start binge-watching series on Hulu.

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