Tower Fan Power & Running Costs Revealed (With 6 Cost-Saving Tips)

A person who buys a tower fan does a detailed search about the energy efficiency, noise, and airflow of the fan but they don’t get into the running cost of the tower fan so this article will let you guide about the running cost of the tower fan the wattage of the fan, how many watts does a tower fan consume and about the ways to reduce the cost of running Tower fan.

Tower Fan Power & Running Costs Revealed

The best tower fan’s wattage ranges from 6 Watts to 120 w and the average wattage of a tower fan is 56.5 watts. So most of the tower fans that are commonly used consume approximately $0.008 per hour $0.065 cost per night that is 8 hours 0.99 cost per day $1.36 cost per week and $6.03 cost per month.

What is the wattage of a tower fan?

A fan that is into the best-selling Tower fan ranges from 6 Watts to 110 watts and a fan that does have low wattage ranges from 1 watt to 44 watts. The low-wattage Tower fan is for personal use as it will not be able to cool the whole room. But if a person uses a larger room cooling fan it will increase the electricity bill also. A tower fan has a high wattage range from 61 Watts to 110 watts. The fan with the highest tower fan wattage is the kop beau FZ1019JRA tower fan. It is an approximately 42-inch Tower fan which is one of the loudest noise-creating Tower fans so it is less efficient as the devices which create more noise are considered to be less efficient. The wattage. On average a tower fan is 56.5 watts and the best average Tower fan selling range is between 45 Watts to 60 watts. 

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Electricity consumed by Tower Fan Use Per Hour:

The following are some points describing the electricity used by a tower fan per hour:

  • On average the most commonly used Tower fan uses 0.056 kWh.
  • The average kWh of a tower fan is considered to be 0.0565 kWh which is the maximum.
  • On average the power consumed by the lowest voltage Tower fan is up to 0.06 kWh. 
  • The fan having the highest wattage uses 0.11kwh which is the maximum usage.

What is the cost spent to run a tower fan?

The cost spent on a tower fan does depend upon various factors like the Tower fan’s wattage, the duration of use, and the cost per kWh. The following table explains the cost to run a tower fan at the maximum duration:

Tower fanMaximum wattsCost per hourCost per nightCost per dayCost per weekCost per month
Most common voltage54 watts$0.008$0.065$0.99$1.36$6.03
Average wattage56.5 watts$0.008$0.068$0.20$1.42$6.31
Lowest wattageSix watts$0.0001$0.007$0.02$0.15$0.67
Highest wattage110 watts$0.017$0.132$0. 40$2.77$12.28

In the US on average the cost of running a tower fan per hour is less than one cent 20 cents when the fan is Run all day, $1.36 for one week, and $6.03 for 1 month

The following table shows the comparison of the cost spends in the US on running a tower fan with other countries:

The most common wattageAverage kWh price USDCost per hourCost for nightCos per dayCost per weekCost per month
UK$0.26$0.0 14$0. 112$0.35$2.36$10.54
Ireland$0.28$0.015$0. 121$0.36$2.54$11.25
Australia$0.25$0.012$0.1 08$0.32$2.27$10.04
New Zealand$0.23$0.012$0.099$0.30$2.09$9.24

How to reduce the running cost of a tower fan?

The following are some tips for reducing the running cost of a tower fan:

  • Avoid using it unnecessarily. 
  • Reducing the speed. 
  • Buy a more efficient Tower fan. 
  • Change the electricity provider. 
  • Use it during the peak off. 
  • Change the behavior.
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Avoid using it unnecessarily:

The person who wants to reduce the cost of running a tower fan should use the fan less. This is the best way to reduce electricity costs. So when you don’t need the tower fan you should turn it off. Always try to remember to turn off the tower fan when you are not in the room.

Reducing the speed:

If the fan is used at less speed it will consume less power which will help to reduce the cost of a running tower fan. if it is not necessary dont speed up the speed of the tower fan which will increase the electricity bill.

Buy a more efficient fan:

If a person is buying a new tower fan should go deeply with all the details of the cubic feet per minute, the efficiency of the fan, and How much air a fan moves. Buying a fan with more efficiency will help to reduce the cost to run the tower fan.

Change the electricity provider:

A person who wants to buy a new tower fan should get it from a new energy provider as they will offer a discount to attract new customers. This way you can reduce the cost of the running Tower fan and also the overall electricity cost.

Change the behavior:

The person who wants to reduce the cost of running the tower fan can change the behavior of the tower fan.

Use it during the peak off:  

If a person dont want to get a high cost for paying the electricity bill for using the tower fan so they can use the tower fan during the peak off hours when the electricity cost is cheaper than the usual rate of the electricity. 

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How to reduce the cost of running a table fan?

The following are some tips by which you can reduce the cost of a running table fan:

  • Check whether the direction of rotation is properly rotating or not. If it is waiting in the wrong direction then the efficiency of the fan will get poor. The direction of the fan is an important factor and it should be checked after the installation of the fan and when the maintenance check is done.
  • Try to use the fan which is new as it does have a new method in control which can also help in reducing the cost of a running table fan.
  • When the person is not in the room or leaving the house they should turn off the fan and then go as it will reduce the cost of the running table fan by not using the fan when it is not needed.
  • When a person notices that the fan is not running smoothly then they should not use the fan at that time instead of that they should check if there is something wrong or not.
  • If a person is going to buy a new fan Institute of using the old man they should go to a new electricity provider so that they will treat them as a new customer and will offer new discounts on the fan.


 The tower fan is a great electrical appliance that is efficient for cooling as it is cheaper than other cooling machines. And also the tower fans are not as expensive as The Other household appliances are. The above tip is to reduce the cost of a running Tower fan.

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