What is Jamf Certification?

Zach Halmstad is an American Entrepreneur who co-founded JAMF Software (now Jamf) with Chip Pearson in 2002. Jamf is the industry standard when it comes to the management of tvOS devices (Apple TV), macOS computers (iMacs, MacBooks, etc), and iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). It is used to set up and pre-configure new devices, increasing the user out of box experience (OOBE). Moreover, Jamf can be used to reset, re-purpose as well as recover computers and mobile devices. The computer software companies that use Jamf are more often found in the United States. In this review article, we discussed how to prepare for the exam, the Jamf training pass, policies, and the importance of Jamf.

1.) Jamf 100

Jamf 100 course provides foundational information about macOS, iOS, and iPadOS and a broad understanding of the management capabilities using Jamf Pro and mobile device management. Basically, Jamf offers four courses in total (100, 200, 300, and 400). Jamf 100 is divided into further sections –

Section 1 – overview, where we are currently located.

Section 2 – covers competencies for Apple’s mobile operating system iOS including setup navigating the user interface and configuring settings.

Section 3 – explore macOS by completing Setup Assistant, installing files, managing files, and using a command-line interface to automate tasks.

Section 4 – integrate Apple services like Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, develop users and groups, set up PreStages, and allow users to enroll their devices and computers in our server.

Section 5 – managing mobile devices with Jamf Pro.

Section 6 – managing computers with Jamf Pro.

2  Jamf Certification Exam Preparation

Complete the contents of the course and take the exam to gain Jamf Certified Associate certification.

  1. The exam is available in different languages like English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, etc.
  2. It is USD 100.00.
  3. You have only one opportunity to take the Jamf certification exam per enrollment.
  4. This exam is completely online and includes 60 multiple-choice questions.
  5. The time duration of the exam is 60 minutes.
  6. Certification is awarded by obtaining a score greater than 75%.
  7. Customers have seven days to complete the exam after purchase.

3  Jamf Training Pass

A Training Pass is a yearly subscription that offers a flexible and cost-conscious way to train IT professionals who are interested in becoming certified in Jamf Pro. Organizational and Individual are two types of training passes.

3.1  Organizational Training Pass

  • Cannot share across several organizations and is limited to a single organization.
  • Limited to five employees within your organization.
  • Allows customers to enroll in an instructor-led training course and retest exam.
  • One individual used a training pass at a time.

3.2  Individual Training Pass

  • Cannot be shared within an organization.
  • Registered to one individual.
  • Non-transferable.
  • Allows customers to enroll in an instructor led-training course and retest exam.

3.3  How to use a Training Pass

  • Find a course on Jamf Nation Store.
  • Enroll through Jamf Nation.
  • When you view courses, you should see the “Register with Training Pass” button. Selecting this button allows you to enroll yourself or someone from your organization in this course. Please contact your Customer Success Manager, if you don’t see the option “Register with Training Pass”.
  • Enroll through Jamf’s Customer Success Team.
  • Attendees will receive a confirmation e-mail with details about the course (date, time, requirements, etc) when enrolling successfully in the course.
  • Only pre-registered attendees allow attending.

4.)  Policies

  • One year of minimum subscription is required. Several subscriptions may be purchased.
  • The validity of the subscription is one year from the date of purchase.
  • Training passes incurring more than two late cancellations mention below when training pass will be deactivated and future enrollments will not be allowed.
  • Late cancellation – give cancellation notice less than ten business days prior to the beginning of the training course or retest of the certification exam.
  • If the customer is not present on the first and second days or is not present for a retest of the certification exam, then he will be removed from the class roster.
  • Only pre-register customer allows attending a training course or retest of certification exam.
  • Subscription must be active to register, enroll and attend a training course or retest of certification exam.
  • Must be valid throughout all five days of training course.

The responsive teaching approach in courses of Jamf training offers hands-on tvOS, macOS, and iOS training of management with Jamf Pro. Become indispensable to your organization; spend minimum time to figure out how to do something and maximum time getting it done. Jamf training will assist to – master best practices, increasing productivity, and empowering end-users.

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