What process determines which risks might affect the project?

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What process determines which risks might affect the project?Process: 11.2 Identify RisksDefinition: The process of determining which risks may affect the project and documenting their characteristics.Key Benefit: The key benefit of this process is the documentation of existing risks and the knowledge and ability it provides to the project team to anticipate events.Inputs1.Risk management plan2.Cost management plan3.Schedule management plan4.Quality management plan5.Human resource management plan6.Scope baseline7.Activity cost estimates8.Activity duration estimates9.Stakeholder register10.Project documents11.Procurement documents12.Enterprise environmental factors13.Organizational process assetsTools & Techniques1.Documentation reviews2.Information gathering techniques3.Checklist analysis4.Assumptions analysis5.Diagramming techniques6.SWOT analysis7.Expert judgmentOutputs1. Risk register11.2.3.1Risk RegisterThe primary output from Identify Risks is the initial entry into the risk register. The risk register is a document in which the results of risk analysis and risk response planning are recorded. It contains the outcomes of the other risk management processes as they are conducted, resulting in an increase in the level and type of information contained in the risk register over time. The preparation of the risk register begins in the Identify Risks process with the following information, and then becomes available to other project management and risk management processes:List of identified risks. The identified risks are described in as much detail as is reasonable. A structure for describing risks using risk statements may be applied, for example, EVENT may occur causing IMPACT, or If CAUSE exists, EVENT may occur leading to EFFECT. In addition to the list of identified risks, the root causes of those risks may become more evident. These are the fundamental conditions or events that may give rise to one or more identified risks. They should be recorded and used to support future risk identification for this and other projects.List of potential responses. Potential responses to a risk may sometimes be identified during the Identify Risks process. These responses, if identified in this process, should be used as inputs to the Plan Risk Responses process.

Qualitative risk analysis

Identify Risks

Plan Risk Management

Quantitative risk analysis

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Identify Risks


The Question – What process determines which risks might affect the project? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Identify Risks

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