When HTTP_REQUEST { persist uie [findstr [HTTP ::uri] “?

Correct Answer for the Question – When HTTP_REQUEST { persist uie [findstr [HTTP ::uri] “? is given below

The following iRule is being used within a persistence profile on a virtual server.Assuming the following HTTP requests are made within the same timeout window, what is the maximum number of persistence records that will be created iRule:rule Persist_Universal { when HTTP_REQUEST { persist uie [findstr [HTTP ::uri] “?” 8 3] } Requests:#1 http: I/www.test.com/input.html?testl 45ABR80#2 http ://www.test.com/input .html?testl 35PDC72#3 http://www.test. com/input.html?testl 25ABR76#4 http ://www.test.com/input.html?testl 45MN088#5 http ://www.test. com/input.html?testl 55ABR98#6 http://www.test.com/input.html?testl 45PDC6O#7 http ://www.test. com/input.html?testl 75ABC50#8 http://www.test.com/input.html?testl 25MN055#9 http://www.test. com/input.html?testl 45ABC70#10 http://www.test.com/input.html?testl35 PDC42




It cannot be determined from the given data.




Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is


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