Which aspects of the project?

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Within project integration management, the statement of work (SOW) references which aspects of the project? Statement of Work Page 67The project statement of work (SOW) is a narrative description of products, services, or results to be delivered by a project. For internal projects, the project initiator or sponsor provides the statement of work based on business needs, product, or service requirements. For external projects, the statement of work can be received from the customer as part of a bid document, (e.g., a request for proposal, request for information, or request for bid) or as part of a contract. The SOW references the following:Business need. An organization’s business need may be based on a market demand, technological advance, legal requirement, government regulation, or environmental consideration. Typically, the business need and the cost-benefit analysis are contained in the business case to justify the project.Product scope description. The product scope description documents the characteristics of the product, service, or results that the project will be undertaken to create. The description should also document the relationship between the products, services, or results being created and the business need that the project will address.Strategic plan. The strategic plan documents the organization’s strategic vision, goals, and objectives and may contain a high-level mission statement. All projects should be aligned with their organization’s strategic plan. Strategic plan alignment ensures that each project contributes to the overall objectives of the organization.

Strategic plan, business need, and product scope description

Contract, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets

Business plan, project management plan, and project schedule

Product lifecycle, business objective, and management strategy

Correct Answer

The Correct Answer for this Question is

Strategic plan, business need, and product scope description


The Question – Which aspects of the project? has been answered correctly and answers for the question is Strategic plan, business need, and product scope description

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