Why are some kids thriving during remote learning?

Remote learning is the process of providing education to as many children as possible, without any limitations like distance, resources, and monetary issues. Remote learning is beneficial in many ways as it makes sure that the remotest places and the kids receive an education. Remote learning has its own benefits and limitations. Now let us understand what is remote learning exactly.

What is Remote Learning?

Remote Learning takes place when the learner and the instructor, or the source of information provider are separated by distance and cannot meet in a traditional classroom setup. Remote Learning takes place in a remote classroom.

What is a Remote Classroom?

Remote classrooms refer to learning environments where the students and their instructors are not in the same space. Remote classrooms usually are conducted with the help of an online module, for conveying the information. Remote classrooms are introduced to replace traditional educational tools and activities; though it is not much different in the aspect of gaining information.

Is Remote Learning/Classroom and Online Learning/Classroom the same?

Online Teaching, Online classes, Zoom classes are a few terms that have come into the picture recently due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Remote learning or Remote Classes have been an adaptation due to the pandemic, as physical teaching was not possible.

But Remote Learning/Classroom and Online Learning/Classroom are different though they have a similar approach and target. Online Learning is an opportunity or method which was available long before the Covid-19 Pandemic. But in many ways, they are the same. Remote Learning and Online Learning include similar approaches thus one can say they have similarities and differences both.

Differences between Remote Learning/Classroom and Online Learning/Classroom :

Remote Learning/ClassroomOnline Learning/Classroom
The main purpose of Remote Learning is to make education approachable to remotest places like small towns, villages, or where there are no schools available. Remote learning also is the only option available during adversities, which was adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic. The main purpose of an Online classroom is to provide education, which involves classes specifically meant to be just online.
The remote classroom or learning was started due to adversities, so initially there were no education modules and the instructors or teachers were the main sources of information.Online Learning provides education with learning modules that are specifically designed for a specific learning program for various courses and the instructor is just to guide through the process of learning through modules.
Remote classrooms are a way to continue the learning process which was not possible in schools due to adversities and social distancing measures of the Covid-19 pandemic. Online Learning is a specifically designed option for the students who are unable to attend a physical school or want a short-term course with affordable prices, or any specific course which is unavailable in school.

Above mentioned points are a few basic points of differences between Remote Learning/Classroom and Online Learning/Classroom but there are many more points.

What are the few similarities between Remote Learning/Classroom and Online Learning/Classroom?

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, online learning, or one can say remote learning has become the newest and the only option available to gain an education. Remote learning happens online through scheduled zoom classes or any online module due to current social distancing measures. Online learning also takes place through zoom classes or any specifically designed education modul which takes place online. Both require an active internet facility.

Remote learning is favourable to many students, but some students find it difficult to study. In this article we will discuss about “Why are some kids thriving during remote learning?” Here under are a few points explaining “Why are some kids thriving during remote learning?” :

1. Flexible Schedule Oppurtunities

Some kids need to help or provide their families, but also need to complete the education. Thus remote learning makes their work easy by being at home and managing both the activities by being at home itself. Distance learning also had one more benefit for the kids who love to play. Due to flexible schedules, children were able to spend more time with families and play with them. Students can also have time to do their favourite side activity or hobby like painting, dancing, arts and crafts, and many more due remote learning. Thus a student can learn new things alongwith studies due to remote learning thus making it easier for them to study and thrive.

2. Never forgetting home-work or learning resources

During the physical school, students sometimes had excuses like “forgot the homework at home”!, but due to online school or classes that excuse is just useless. This point is actually beneficial to students as they would complete homework on time and also for teachers as all students would turn up their homework on time without forgetting. One more benefit of remote learning is that, every learning material and resources are available online, so students do not have to carry their heavy backpacks around and everything is easily available for learning thus making it easier for them to study and thrive.

3. No commuting

As there is no commuting, students save much time in remote learning which they can utilize in learning something extra or revise more. One more benefit of no commuting is that the students are able to save energy as compared to physically visiting school. This can help the students in doing more activities or even spend that time with family. Some students do not like long commutes, thus those students are benefitted by remote learning. No commute saves time for students thus making it easier for them to study and thrive.

4. Self paced learning

The main advantage of remote learning is self paced learning. There are no set restrictions set by other students, or the students can complete their work on their desired time and there is no race in completing school work. Students can review the learning materials, prepare for exams, do homework and revise at one’s own pace without feeling complexed or anxious thus making it easier for them to study and thrive.

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